May 12, 2015
“Elton took Islam seriously.”

I Knew Elton Simpson: My Jihadist Friend:

No, Elton was not insane. Elton was not mean. Elton was not rude. Elton was not wild-eyed. Elton was not constantly angry. Elton never threatened me. Elton was calm, level-headed, smart, and studious. He was generally kind and well-mannered. Bright and articulate, he spoke smooth and easy. Elton was not a poor unwanted outcast; a down-and-outer he was not. Neither the simplistic narratives of the right or left work for him.

The core is taking Muhammad, his words and his actions, seriously. Elton took Islam seriously.

Perhaps we should stop telling devout Muslims that they don’t really believe what they say they believe and start taking them at their word.

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