March 17, 2016
The Federalist Party

It would happen that I swear off politics and then Donald Trump, of all people, comes riding in with his clown show to destroy the Republican Party. And true to my comments last year, I continue to be disgusted by much of what politics in America has become. As of right now, the front-runners are Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans. They’re old friends, elites, and the very image of cronyism and corruption in America.

I don’t say that lightly either. I truly believe that Trump has already done irreparable damage to the GOP, and if he becomes the nominee, he will actually take it down with him.

But does that upset me? No. While we may have a two-party system in this country, there’s no reason it must remain these two parties.

Something’s got to change. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We need something radically different. What if we resurrect the Federalist Party?

The Democrats and Republicans have both taken as their name political principles important to the American system of government—and we all believe in both of them. But there is another principle that was equally vital at the founding and has been gradually discarded over the past century: federalism.

A federal system is one in which power is divided between levels of government. This was an important part of the American experiment because the Founders intended the checks and balances to operate not only among the branches of government, but between the levels of government, as well. The states were to check the federal government and vice versa. In the multitude of centers of power, there was freedom.

This was so important that the “Federalists” became the name for America’s first organized political movement and the republic’s most prominent architects. The Federalist Party was the party of George Washington, and the first party secretary was Alexander Hamilton.

Now that’s a movement I can get behind.