June 26, 2015
The Trouble with Swearing Off Politics

I wrote a long post yesterday declaring an end to my obsession with politics. I was tired of being consumed with it, focusing on all the minutiae, and letting it affect my relationships with people around me. I wanted freedom from it.

But politics invades nearly every aspect of our lives. (That’s part of my frustration with it, actually. One almost can’t have an opinion about something without it being tantamount to a political statement.) So it’s going to be impossible to never talk about something that is political. That’s not my goal. My goal is to set my mind on the best of things.

Today’s Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage is a perfect example. How utterly political. Yet I’m not interested in the politics of it. Frankly, I would’ve been shocked had the Court ruled any other way. What reasoning would a secular society have for forbidding it?

But as a Christian, I am very interested in living by the will of God, speaking truth in love, and loving truthfully. Which means I shouldn’t avoid discussing things just because the political realm has snatched them up (as it will with everything eventually). And ironically, I think a lot of Christians are jammed up by the politics of same-sex marriage and the fact that we’re using one word (“marriage”) to mean two entirely different things. Fellow developer and Christian Greg Baugues has some wise things to say about that.

So I won’t be avoiding things just because they have a political component. But I’ll be focusing on those things from other angles and leaving the political mudslinging to others.

As you were.